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Pack Out

Platinum provides a structured pack out crew that will evaluate every aspect of your loss. During a pack out we take a full inventory of all contents. Platinum created a inventory application that is ran on android devices. This application cuts cost and prevents loose documents from being lost and mishandled. During the inventory process, the customer/ insurance adjuster would be given a username and a password to the website which the inventory is being entered in real time. This allows the customer to track the process of their inventory from virtually anywhere. 


During reconstruction, the customer has the option on where they would like to store their contents.We offer a variety of options to satisfy the customers needs. Platinum holds a 12,000 square foot facility that customers items is secured in personal crates with cameras that catch every angle.

Move Back

Platinum is in it to the end! We offer a full service move back which consist of unpacking all your boxes and place everything exactly the way the customer suggest. During this process we also provide a general clean to bring the customer back to that clean home feeling.

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