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What is Contents Restoration?

Contents Restoration is the process of packing, storing, cleaning, and restoring your damaged goods after a catastrophic event. Contents Restoration can help to reduce the cost of total replacement. If you have precious items that have been damaged Contents Restoration can help you restore those items.

Storage of Contents

After the devastating event to your home or business, one of the first steps that should be taken is to pack and remove the contents that will be restored. At Platinum Contents Restoration, we have a secure climate controlled facility to store your contents in individual crates. We also have our “Platinum Inventory Pro” which is a custom built application that is used to inventory your contents. The customer is giving a login and password to access their inventory via the internet.

Restoration of Contents

After your damaged contents have been moved to our climate controlled facility. Our professional team, after receiving approval will start the process of restoring your contents. We use cost effective methods. For delicate items, we use ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning allows us to thoroughly clean items gently without further damaging those items. To finalize our restoration process, items are then deodorization with an environmentally friendly hydroxyl generator.


Our Specialties

A multitude of items can be damaged by fires, flood, or storms. At Platinum Contents Restoration, we specialize in restoring art pieces, electronic equipment, and furniture.

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